I don’t doubt you can do this yourself, that you a successful business owner and that your personal life is making you happy.

I am here to give you tools and ways to improve both of those even further and I don’t take too much of your time, so try these out and see the difference.


You only do things for the first time ONCE

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

It actually is and helps build courage quickly.

I am saying this, having to break through a limiting belief recently of leaving video messages for my valued contacts on LinkedIn.

I really, really, really didn’t want to, but then I reached out for support from my coach, and also from a friend on this and as I was ready to do it, I realised you only do it first time once.

Second time is different and easier..

The third is even more different and easier…

Remember your biggest supporters and reach out

Who is that for you?

If you don’t have a coach, reach out for a chat. If you do, approach this with them, or with a friend, or with your spouse, or with your cousin, or with your parent… the people you rely on for advice and expertise, the people you trust will try and help if they can.

Worth a try!


Get new ideas with a little bit of learning

My absolute favourite and tested also by many of my clients – create a 30 minute slot once a week to spend on learning.

Learn whatever you find interesting and most useful

This is a chance for you to get that competitive edge in business.

Its also an opportunity to give yourself more courage by learning what you believe is most useful.

And on days that you don’t feel like studying business or industry skills, learn a bit about what you always liked but didn’t find the time for – something personal for you.


Move forward 1 day at a time

Incredible advice I heard many times over the years, but most recently from a client who is battling an addiction. The idea of building daily successes into something you can then use it brilliant.

I have done this for 22 days already and feel much stronger! I have been 4 months and 3 weeks without this and my life has changed!… These are the kind of things you often hear said with pride, energy and strength in the voice of the speaker.

Why not try it yourself today?

Get professional support

Whether its a business consultant, a coach, a friend who is a professional, local supporting organisations, go online and browse your options.

Of course I hope you chose me, but the main point is for you to be able to bounce ideas of another person, ask for advice, reflect and plan using all the tools and resources you have.

Don’t tie your hands behind your back, because the market, the industry and the competition will immediately take advantage of that.

Stay strong!

Stay brave!

And have a great day!

Let me know if you have any questions on this, and anytime you would like to discuss your development and growth, I am here for you.