Would like to stop the complaints?

You are a busy person, a business owner, an executive, with a partner in your life.
They probably complain from time to time that you are too busy, maybe also about things that they wanted to do together or even for you to do weeks or months ago.

They complain and you thank them for their patience

This doesn’t have to make sense to you, but it really works! Our loved ones need attention and appreciation and we sometimes get too busy to give them that, in the way they want it.

They ask you to do things around the house because they are used to them working or want a change. The reality is that they get frustrated that you are not there when it is happening to them or maybe even that it is not happening to you – when the drawer front falls off, when the dishwasher leaks or when they want more space for photos.

What started it – search your memory

I’m a big fan of saying to my friends and my partner that it is not all about them. Sometimes I will say it to a client to make them laugh in and to distract them. If we were having a friendly chat and you told me about your partner’s complaints, that’s exactly what I would say to you.Think big picture – when did it start?
When a plan you had together fell apart.
When a crisis hit and lasted a while before you solved it.
When they were stressed and needed you there more than you could be.

Choose your words differently to get out of routine arguments

Words ALWAYS and NEVER are not productive, so stop using them!!!

Once you stop, your partner will be grateful when they stop hearing it, then after a few weeks you can explain that you don’t use them anymore as they just keep you both stuck, and ask them to try and do the same.

Another small change that may have a huge impact is not assigning blame. What if you didn’t say it next few times. What if you asked them not to say it to you. What if you explain why and they don’t listen? What do you do then? Do you give up or do you try again a different way?

How many days/weeks do you give a baby to learn how to walk before you give up and decide they never will?

See what I mean about never?
I heard that from Tony Robbins years ago and it makes perfect sense to me – we don’t give up.
So how many time will you try to help your partner understand you better before you give up?
And what does giving up mean. Is complaining really worth ending a relationship?Maybe you both need to show each more appreciation, maybe you both need more respect, all I am saying is that if you start with you you may get there faster and easier. And I am also saying that you have the time for this no matter how busy, because you are already doing it.