A lot of us don’t ask for help until it’s too late.

Until there is a problem we need solving, not thinking about the reason it happened, and focussing fully on the solution.

What’s the reason people buy content insurance? To feel safe and to protect what is important to them. We often fail to secure what is important in business.

Then there are HR issues, late payments we have to keep chasing, shortage of supplies or staff we didn’t account for, and we are losing time putting out fires…

What if you have the clarity of all these elements and enough time to take care of all aspects of your business? What if the way to do that is to have a thinking partner, a sounding board for all your ideas and random thoughts. A coach is that person and helps you plan and also spends time with you on your mindset and your approach to make sure you don’t make mistakes.

When you are more certain that you are taking care of all aspects of your business, it becomes much easier to deal with any problems that surprise you. Because they are happening less often and far between, giving you time to focus and plan better for all circumstances.

Limiting risk, staying prepared, planning ahead how to deal with uncertainty is what business advisors sell every day.

It’s because or their advice I myself have a coach, and because I want to lead by example and practice what I preach. Clichés aside, without a coach I would not be able to fulfil my dream of doing what I love while having the life I love.


Part of that life is my ability and willingness to help others.

I do 80-90 free sessions each year to help executives not only with their businesses and careers, but also to show people what coaching really does. It is still not common practice to have a coach when you’re an executive or a business owner, but the smart ones know.
It is very hard to work with a business partner, when you keep thinking you have to do everything on your own. Many people feel that way and it is often a matter of communicating expectations, about compromise and frustration management.

It is also quite challenging to work with team member you consider lazy, you’ve made up your mind about them, and because of that you can’t look past them to find a way to get them to do the work you need.
Coaching approach really does help communicate what you want and get the results you want in your business, in your executive team, in your family and personal life too.
Business expense that helps you grow in your life and career, once you try it and compare your thoughts to all the reviews on my page.

Alternatively, if for any reason you are not willing to make that investment in yourself and in your business, still do the work yourself by teaching yourself. You can read about coaching, get an online course, and practice till you become the master of your life and your habits thanks to coaching.
Below are more articles that may be helpful in your situation, a free guide and my online course explaining how to do it all and to get you started on your own.
Whatever you choose, however you want to move forward like me or with me, make a decision today to follow up on your choice, and you can always book a call with me to keep you accountable and on track.